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Edificio Parque Victoria

estructura sus ideas

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estructura sus ideas

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CEF Compensar

estructura sus ideas

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Hello, welcome. We are TECMO

TECMO is a company with over five decades of experience in manufacturing and installing aluminum and steel structures, for small and large construction and infrastructure projects, developed under strict quality policies and a very high level of technology and design. We are a team of experts committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Commitment that has been recognized and rewarded throughout the years, by entities such as the Colombian Society of Architects.


Made with pride

Torre Atrio

Atrio Tower

The design includes a 30-meter high atrium, as well as a metal structure with diagonal braces that, in addition to providing a very particular architectural expression, are part of the system of resistance to lateral loads generated by the wind or earthquakes.

Parque Victoria Building

Steel building with 2 towers of 12 floors each and an area of ​​35,000 m2, 3 floors for commercial use and 9 floors for housing.

Edificio Parque Victoria
Proyecto Columbus

Columbus project

Manufacture of three warehouses of 50 to 60 m of light and 45 m high for the construction of storage warehouses for limestone, coal and additives of the Argos – Columbus project.

Fontanar Mall

Steel Structure Manufacturing for Lamella roof, Central dome, Elliptical dome and Food court.

Centro Comercial Fontanar
Aeropuerto Internacional El Dorado

El Dorado Airport

Manufacturing of the roof structure, as well as bridges and access ramps of modules 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 for the El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá.

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