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Likewise, in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, TECMO focuses on implementing and working with processes, activities or products that contribute to the preservation and recovery of the environment through the circular economy.

As part of the company’s commitment to protecting the environment, important changes have been made, such as updating the technology of production processes and infrastructure to achieve lower energy consumption, less pollution, more efficiency and better yields. This is in addition to the responsible purchase or acquisition of material or supplies.

Oficinas TECMO SA
Oficinas TECMO SA

Improvement processes have been achieved in the management of usable waste, scrap metal, plastics and other recycling products to minimize the generation of ordinary waste and at the same time achieve the recovery of raw material for other industrial processes. To this end, the company’s collaborators have been involved to generate an awareness of sustainability in their activities and care for the environment, both within the company and outside.

The main programs that have been worked on for several years are: the recovery and use of rainwater and the composting plan to use the waste from the garden arrangement and reuse it on the premises.

Over the last few years there has been a joint effort with the CAEM (Corporación Ambiental Empresarial), a subsidiary of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce for programs to measure the business carbon footprint and energy efficiency.

With a series of indicators, all these issues are regularly monitored, where improvement and management oriented towards sustainability is evidenced.

Oficinas TECMO SA
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